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Trauma-Responsive Care Certification

Going beyond understanding trauma and its effects

Finding Hope Consulting partners with organizations to provide training, consultation, and Trauma Responsive Care certification assistance to anyone working with individuals with complex trauma of all ages and ability levels.

This is not a “train and go” certification model.  It is a, learn, practice, receive feedback, and master model.  


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Grow Your Resilience

The Trauma Responsive Care Certification turns the uninformed question "What’s wrong with you?" into the trauma-informed question: "What happened to you?" Then it goes further to the trauma responsive question, "What did you do to survive?"

Informative and practical, our two-day Foundational training and twelve -session Theory to Practice (T2P) Series combines training with consultation.  This structure allows you to immediately apply your learning to your daily interactions with those you serve as well as grow in familiarity with the Trauma Informed Biographical Timelines (TIBT) process. 

It then allows you to bring feedback to your next session, gain more knowledge, develop new techniques, and return to work to implement new strategies.  

This series has been so successful the Tristate Trauma Network (TTN) sponsors it as a Trauma Responsive Care Certification.


Cindy's Reflection

TRCC Participant


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What You Get

  • Two-day Foundational Training Sessions

  • Six Theory to Practice Sessions

  • At least two trainers for each session to allow for more individualized attention

  • A 200-page Strategy and Intervention manual provided to each TRCC participant

  • Same-day consultation after the sessions to apply learning to real life scenarios.  


What People Are Saying

Mary is an amazing trainer. She was easy to listen and relate to. I retained the knowledge because we were led to apply the information to our personal lives and the people we work with right away.

The Trauma Responsive Care Certification has given me a sturdy foundation that I will have as a tool for the rest of my life.

- TRCC Participant and Social Worker


This training allowed me to help others in a positive matter... to see the person's trauma and not the behavior by asking the question: "WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?"

- Rhonda, Supervisor

How It Works

- Practitioners will participate in 8 modules. Except for the initial 2-day foundational training, all modules will be followed by 2 hours of in-person, group consultation.  A total of 30 hours of training and 12 hours of consultation will be provided for certification candidates.

- Two levels of Certification are being provided: 

1) Trauma-Responsive Care Certification - Level 1 - for BA level or non-clinical professionals

2) Trauma- Responsive Care Certification - Level 2 - for MA level clinicians (minimum of a Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, or a related field.) Independent Licensure is not required for participation in this program.

- CEUs are being provided for the training components only (30 hours) by the following Boards: IN Category 1; OH Counselors, Social Workers, and MFTs; and KY Social Workers.  

- Must be a Tristate Trauma Network Member in order to receive Certification. Go here to register:

- Note: There is a Payment Plan available to make the Full Series payment in 4 installments. Please register as Pay By Check and send email to


La Shanda's Reflection

TRCC Participant and Trainer


Andy's Reflection

TRCC Participant


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