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Facilitating Healing, Resilience, and Hope: An Overview

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  • Connection is our greatest need and disconnection is our greatest fear. This training explores the depth of that statement all the way down to a cellular level. It looks at the power of relationships to shape our brains, bodies, and behavior. In addition some basic trauma responsive interventions are shared, so you leave understanding not only what hurts, but how to help.

  • Taught by Mary Vicario

  • 1-hr course 

  • Cost: $10

Healing the Fear that Hides: Biologically Based Fear Responses and What to Do About Them 

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  • Neuroscience is demonstrating that some of the most challenging behaviors demonstrated by trauma survivors are biologically based fear responses more related to fear-based dysregulation than intractable behavior. As Maureen Walker reminds us, "Strategies for disconnection are an intense yearning for connection in an atmosphere of fear." We will examine how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Compounding Adverse Toxic Stressors (CATS) create repeated fear responses and disrupt the "felt safety" (neuroception) needed for the attachment and regulation centers of the brain to work properly. Setting power struggles aside, we will explore how the brain heals itself and identify every-day, brain-based strategies and interventions to help individuals of all ages and ability levels work with their caregivers to replace challenging behaviors with safe, healing connection.

  • Taught by Mary Vicario

    4-hr course 
  • Cost: $35


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  • 1-Hr Course

    Facilitating Healing, Resilience, and Hope
    • An Overview of the neuroscience of resilience
    • 1-Hr Course
    • Video and Downloadable Materials
    • Go at your own pace
    • For Therapists, Teachers, First Responders, and more...
    • Lifetime Access
  • 4-Hour Course

    Healing the Fear That Hides
    • Learn What to Do About Biologically Based Fear Responses
    • 4-Hour Course
    • Videos and Downloadable Materials
    • Go at Your Own Pace
    • For Therapists, Teachers, First Responders, and more...
    • Lifetime Access

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