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What We Do

The impact of trauma can be repaired.

Through interactive and entertaining training, Mary Vicario and Finding Hope bring neurobiology to life using common language and interventions for clinicians, caseworkers, birth and foster parents, developmental disabilities service providers and others. In addition to training, Finding Hope provides “theory to practice” consultation to help you immediately apply your learning in your daily interactions with those you serve.

Resilience-Based Trainings Offered:
Trauma Responsive Care Certification Series

Go here to REGISTER for the certification series on the Tristate Trauma Network's site.  Trauma-responsive care goes beyond understanding trauma and its effects to providing interventions that seek to alleviate trauma symptoms and lead to a higher level of functioning.  The “theory to practice” modules provided as part of the Trauma-Responsive Care Certification include consultation to help practitioners apply their learning in daily interactions with those they serve.  This is not a “train and go” certification model.  It is a, learn, practice, receive feedback, and master model.  Learn more and register at the Tristate Trauma Network.

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