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Healing the Fear that Hides: An Online Course

Top-Rated 4-hour Online Course (CE's Available) on Biologically Based Fear Responses and What To Do About Them

This moment is calling for an even greater focus toward empathy and connection. 

This training examines trauma’s effect on brain development and how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) create repeated fear responses and disrupt the ‘‘felt safety’’ (neuroception) needed for the attachment and regulation centers of the brain to develop and work properly. Neuroscience is thus demonstrating that some of the most challenging behaviors connected with trauma are actually biologically based fear responses more related to fear based dysregulation and survival skills than intractable behavior. 

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Online Course
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‘‘Strategies for disconnection are an intense yearning for connection in an atmosphere of fear.’’

Maureen Walker, Ph.D.

Relational-Cultural Scholar

What You'll Learn

Getting to Felt Safety

How to bring about a sense of felt safety through attachment and regulation


Ways to move beyond shame, grief and fear:

Information for Supporting Someone on The Path to Healing

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The Hidden Resilience in Challenging Behaviors:

Ways to work with the hidden resilience in survival skills needed to help people create the life they want instead of recreating the life they come from


Other Benefits

  • CE credits available from our partners, CE Broker

  • 4 hours of recorded video that help integrate what you learn into everyday life.

  • Opportunities to connect with Mary on this material in a post-course Live Q&A

  • A course to help work through the difficult times with resilience and hope as the focus.

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About The Instructor

Mary Vicario, LPCC-S

Mary is the Founder of Finding Hope Consulting and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor, Certified Trauma Specialist who holds a Certificate in Traumatic Studies from the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute. 

Through her training with the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at Wellesley College and ongoing training at Harvard Medical School, Mary translates Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT) and neuroscience into in-home and community-based trauma programming to build resilience and improve stability for individuals of all ages and ability levels.

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