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Due to Trying to Meet a Perceived Need

Hidden Resilience:

Determination & Creativity

Is learned when:

  • Reality is not allowed to be real.

  • The truth is what you need it to be to get the job done.

The drive behind the behavior:

Trying to meet a perceived need

Steps to take to meet those needs:

  1. Get to know your beliefs about lying.

    • Underneath our response to being lied to is an implicit belief… that truth is something that is either earned or owed. 

    • Know which belief you hold or when someone lies to you, that belief will drive your actions without you knowing it.

  2. Focus and reflect the underlying wish/need not the accuracy of the content.

  3. Help them find a safe way to meet the underlying wish or need in the real world.


(NOTE: This process often needs to be repeated 6 or 7 times so that a new neuropathway can begin to grow.)

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