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Top Five Resilience Factors explained - Hosted by Mary Vicario

Mary Vicario, Founder of Finding Hope Consulting, talks about the Five Resilience Factors - a powerful way to organize our efforts and help a person build a big full life and thrive, not just survive. Family members, teachers, staff, and others who care about the person can help grow these resilience factors.

Research shows that there are five things we can build up - five factors that can build resilience and help people bounce back and recover. We can pay attention to these, and notice what we have to build on and build up.

We can celebrate when we’ve made small and big gains in any of these.

  • The Five Resilience Factors Voice Choice and Control

  • Self-Esteem: Self-Worth: Self-Compassion

  • External Supports

  • Positive Connections with Safe Adults

  • Belonging or Affiliation

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Resilience Project is a Strong Families Safe Communities Project administered by Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services with funding support by Ohio DODD and Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

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