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Due to Loss or Rejection

Hidden Resilience:

Memory and Seeing Connections

Is learned when:

  • People’s need for belonging is not met

  • They feel rejected, isolated, or lonely

  • Neglect either emotional or physical

  • Or, when people do not have control over their own belongings.  For example, when people in congregate settings, children in foster care, or people who are homeless lose their belongings over and over again.

The drive behind the behavior:

Loss or rejection

Steps to take to meet those needs:

  1. Have them share stories about their items.

  2. Take pictures & create a scrapbook of those. 

  3. Then, have them identify which ones they want to share and with whom so others can experience the same positive feelings, and 

  4. Practice missing their items and going to the scrapbook to see them.  

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