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Hidden Resilience:

The Courage to Challenge Power Over

Is learned when:

People’s boundaries are not respected. 

The drive behind the behavior:

Unheard, inequity/injustice, and a need for caution.

Steps to take to meet those needs:

  1. Predict, Practice and Plan B.

  2. Give a 5-minute warning for transitions.

  3. Connect the request/limit with safety.

  4. Give clear, concrete descriptive vs. evaluative directions.

  5. Give space (physical & emotional) for compliance.

  6. Pay it forward - Tell them what you know they are going to do (that is positive).

  7. Use a Success Calendar to record daily something they did to accomplish something in a positive way, made the world a better place, helped someone, etc.

  8. Use Descriptive praise instead of Evaluative praise.

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