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The impact of trauma can be repaired. Resilience builds (in those we serve & ourselves) what is needed to release the effects of trauma and toxic stress and create the life you want, not the one you are driven to recreate. The Top 5 Resilience Factors are: Autonomy (Agency), Self Esteem, Affiliation, External Supports, and relationship with Positive Safe Adults. Resilience allows people to: 

    - Move on with their life.

    - Have a life that does not revolve around the trauma.

    - Create the life they want instead of what is familiar.

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Available Workshops

RAD: Reactive Attachment Disorder

Trauma Responsive Care

Translating Trauma: Interventions to Treat Early Childhood or Preverbal Trauma

Fostering Healing, Resiliency and Hope for Traumatized Children: Foster Parent Survival Guide

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Trauma Responsive Care Certification Series

Go here to REGISTER for the certification series on the Tristate Trauma Network's site.  Trauma-responsive care goes beyond understanding trauma and its effects to providing interventions that seek to alleviate trauma symptoms and lead to a higher level of functioning.  The “theory to practice” modules provided as part of the Trauma-Responsive Care Certification include consultation to help practitioners apply their learning in daily interactions with those they serve.  This is not a “train and go” certification model.  It is a, learn, practice, receive feedback, and master model.  Learn more and register at the Tristate Trauma Network.

RAD: Reactive Attachment Disorder or Really Afraid Disorder

This training will explore the traditional (pre-neuroscience) beliefs and approaches to attachment challenged youth, as well as the developing neuroscience based approach to understanding and treating fear based dysregulation that disrupts a child’s ability to attach.

Translating Trauma: Interventions to Treat Early Childhood or Preverbal Trauma

This training explores how the quality of early childhood relationships affect all aspects of development, the healing power of empathetic connection, and ways to help young children and their caregivers use the healing power of connection to successfully resolve early childhood trauma.

Trauma Informed Biographical Timeline

The Trauma-Informed Biographical Timeline is a tool for generating a better understanding of the whole person by mapping their story to identify their strengths and needs for planning more focused supports and services. This training helps you use the timeline with foster families, post finalization families and treatment teams to develop coordinated care and supports for individuals with complex needs.

Care for the Caregiver

This hands-on workshop examines the effects of stress on our health, everyday functioning, how it impacts our bodies and minds and addresses the importance of self-care in our lives and relationships.  Concrete, doable strategies for self-assessment and self-care will be offered and participants will come away with a personalized menu of self-care options they can implement at home and at work.

Fostering Healing, Resiliency and Hope for Traumatized Children

This is a lively and interactive training based on the popular workbook, The Foster and Adoptive Parents’ Survival Guide that brings to life the neuroscience of trauma and the healing power of relationships. This training and workbook also provide self-care for caregivers and service providers, so they have what they need to assist with the important journey of healing. Finding Hope Consulting, LLC provides additional training and consultation on how to make the most of this workbook.


Finding Hope offers one-on-one and group consultation and can work with your organization to identify and address your specific needs.

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