LaShanda Sugg

La Shanda M. Sugg, MA, LPC was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio after graduating from the University of Michigan in 2004. Over the last 10 years she has worked in community mental health with individuals with mental and emotional disorders.

La Shanda Sugg, LPC is a Certified Trauma Responsive Therapist, consultant, and the founder of Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio.  With a trauma specialty and focus on multigenerational families, La Shanda combines her understanding of Relational Cultural Theory, Developmental and Relational Trauma Therapy, EMDR, and other tools to help people improve their quality of life and relationships. By exploring the historical experiences that have left wounds and imprints, La Shanda helps people gain insight and Move from Coping to Healing.  In addition to providing therapy for families, couples, and individuals, La Shanda also conducts engaging and dynamic trauma-specific trainings and consultation for companies, community agencies, schools, and faith-based organizations.  Her gift for making complex concepts easy to understand and relevant to everyday life is one of many reasons La Shanda is a highly sought-after therapist and trainer.  For more information about Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting’s service offerings visit


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